User Token

This API will generate the access token for a given user. This access token can then be used at all other User Context APIs.

End Point:


Request Headers:

Authorization"Signature keyId=,algorithm=,headers=(),signature="Signature detail to check authorization to call API

Request Body:

KeyData TypeMandatoryDescription
referenceIdStringYesExternal reference ID that uniquely identifies the user in partner systems.

This is case sensitive value - so make sure to use it consistently across API interactions

Max length of string supported is 320 characters.

Response Object:

status200, if successful
body.tokenAccess token value returned when API returns successfully with status code 200.
body.messageMessage indicating the status of operation, in case API is not successful and returns HTTP status code other than 200.

The message is indicative and is not localized / internationalized value to use at display; and applications should not rely on this message.