Fetch Taxonomy Courses at a Framework

Fetches a list of taxonomy courses for a subject at given standards framework.

Request Structure Detail

Each standards framework supported may have different courses defined. The API, thus, requires the framework code and subject code of interest to list available courses for that subject. The necessary subject code and framework code are available at subject listing API Fetch Taxonomy Subjects

Mapping information is as below:
framework-id <== standard_framework_id
subject-id <== taxonomy_subject_id

Response Structure Detail

API returns an array of supported courses as JSON object. The JSON object is structured as detailed below:

  • id : course id
  • code : internal course code for the standards framework
  • title : course title at the standards framework
  • sequence_id : identifies the ordering of course at standards framework


Access token is needed

Authorization: Token [anonymous_access_token]

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