Gooru Search Overview

Gooru aims to enable Personalized Learning

We would like every student to be able to leverage all the content, experts and community on the web to always learn based on their interest and at their pace. A central measure of success for Gooru is positive learning outcome for users at scale. We borrow from the efforts of semantic web community toward implementing a semantic learning web, where the web of content, experts and community (collectively called resources) annotated with machine readable metadata can be readily interpreted by systems to find, combine and act upon the metadata associated with the resources.

Core Search entails major functions of indexing all content, querying and ranking to boost content based on user intent. Gooru has developed learning infrastructure with the content architecture and learning analytics.

Organizing all of the learning resources, understanding user intent and providing users with the most relevant experience become possible if we are able to create a semantic learning web. Gooru does the following things toward creating a semantic learning web

  • Classification of all resources to infer some of the metadata;
  • Clustering of resources and propagating metadata from one entity to another;
  • Creating a graph of K12 concepts, associating resources with concepts and processing queries accordingly.

Gooru Search Features: Improve Students/Teachers Search Experience.

In addition to providing easy access to millions of quality educational resources, Gooru has many special features to help students/teachers to find exactly what they are looking for. Some of the popular features are:
Search Resources / Collections in the Gooru Content Catalog
Personalized search based on user activities
Query Autocomplete
Query analysis to understand acronyms (RUSD), filter terms (e.g. quiz), chemical formulae (e.g. HCl) and math equations (e.g. y = mx +b shows results for slopes).

Some of the popular search filters are:

  • Search by K12 Student Grade
  • Search by K12 Standards
  • Search by Subject
  • Search by Publisher
  • Search by Author
  • Search by Aggregator
  • Search by Various Resource Format
  • Search Open Educational Resources(OER)
  • Search Mobile Friendly Resources