Standards - FAQs

Which standards does Gooru support?

Today, resources in our system are aligned to the following frameworks:

How are standards represented in Gooru?

Each standard is represented by a display code in Gooru (standardsDisplay). Display codes are generated using internal algorithms and are unique to Gooru. They are generally shortened versions of the codes found on the original framework website. If no code is available on the original website, then we generate a code which closely matches the original structure of the framework.

Do display codes vary by standard framework?
Yes, the codes vary depending on the standard framework. Some example standard display codes are:

FrameworkExample Display Code
Common Core Math6.EE.7
Common Core ELARL.K.1
Next Generation Science Standards5-LS2-1
C3 Framework for Social StudiesD1.1.K-2
California StandardsCA.SCI.8.PS.1d
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)TEKS.M.A1.8

My system uses Common Core dot notation. Is there a way to find out the corresponding Gooru display codes?

Yes. The mapping between the Common Core dot notation and the Gooru display codes can be found in this file.

My system uses another standards provider. Is there a way to find out the corresponding Gooru display codes?

Available options will depend on the provider used (Academic Benchmarks, Achievement Standards Network, etc.). Please contact us at [email protected] for more information on supporting standards from various providers.

How often does Gooru make updates to standards?

We check the original frameworks websites periodically for updates to existing standards and update our data accordingly. New standards frameworks are added based on the needs of our partners and users. In general, any major updates to standards are scheduled on a bi-annual basis.