Data IN

This API will log data in the Gooru system and is a User Context API. So, users of this API need to get access appropriate user token first. The types of events supported and how to construct the request payload for the same is detailed separately at this document.

NOTE: This API is designed as a high throughput API and will always return success value as long as JSON format is conformal. No field level validations happen. Upon successful receipt of the request, these are dumped internally into a message queue and a success response is sent out. The actual transformation of payload and necessary deep validations happen later. So, it is possible that there are actually errors in the request that are caught at a later time. Partners will be shared on such errors periodically (via an offline process) to make sure the incoming requests are fixed and retransmitted.

End Point:


Request Headers:

Authorization"Token accessToken"User Access token to check authorization for the API

Request Body:
Detail of the request payload is captured at this event description document.

Response Object:

status200, if successful
body.messageMessage indicating the status of operation, in case API is not successful and returns HTTP status code other than 200.

The message is indicative and is not localized / internationalized value to use at display; and applications should not rely on this message.