Query Syntax

As default AND operator applied for all the empty space between the query, for example if we
search for “Water Power” internally it will converted as “Water AND Power” by search query processor.

Gooru removes stop-words from the index. However, stop words are not removed from the query, which means “ocean” and “The ocean” will return slightly different results.

Search query term supports following patterns:

  • Logical expression query
  • Resource format filter query
  • Prefix filter query
  • Standard code query

Logical Expression Query

Search query supports logical operators (AND, OR). If we pass AND and OR between search strings, query processor will take this query string as logical expression query. Only uppercase AND and OR considered as logical query operators.

greek OR latinresults matched with either greek or latin
greek or latinresults matched with “greek or latin”
greek AND latinresults matched with both greek and latin
greek latinSame as greek AND latin. results matched with both greek and latin
(greek OR latin) AND (science OR math)results matched with greek or latin and science or math

Resource Format Filter Query

Resource format (webpage, video, text, image) string passed with query will be applied as resource format filter.

power videoResults filtered by video resource format
atoms webpageResults filtered by webpage resource format
water textResults filtered by text resource format
ocean imageResults filtered by image resource format

Prefix Filter Query

If filter name is prefixed with search query and passed with colon (ie. grade:12) then it will be considered as filter.

ocean grade:6,7Results filtered by grade value 6, 7
publisher:”Windows to the Universe”Results filtered by publisher value Windows to the Universe
aggregator:CLRNResults filtered by aggregator value CLRN

Standard Code Query

Gooru search supports search with standard code. If the search query matches with Gooru standard code, then query processor will internally apply standard code as standard code filter.

Standards Supported By Gooru:

CA.SCI.9-12.CH.2Results filtered by given standard code value CA.SCI.9-12.CH.2 and query replaced by “all” query.