Crosswalk API

Crosswalk API takes as input list of standards display codes and a target framework to crosswalk to. API does the crosswalk of input standard codes to equivalent framework codes and returns the same. If there is no equivalent of input standard code in the specified target framework, returns null.

This endpoint would be available to anonymous users as well. But the API still requires a valid access_token presented via request header (either anonymous token or authenticated user token).

Since the request payload (list of standard codes as input) could be huge, this API is a HTTP POST method.

API End Point

Method Type

Request Headers

AuthorizationToken {TOKEN}Replace the {TOKEN} with actual value of access_token obtained from authentication.

Request Body

KeyData TypeValueDescription
codesJSON Array ARRAY OF DISPLAY CODES Standards display codes that need to be crosswalked
target_framework_idString TARGET FRAMEWORK CODE Target Framework to crosswalk to based on input standards.

Sample Call

Curl -i -H "Authorization:Token MTQ3NDM1NDIzMDk1OTowMjE5MDkwYy1hYmU2LTRhMDktOGM5Zi0zNDM5MTFmNWNkODY6YmE5NTZhOTctYWUxNS0xMWU1LWEzMDItZjhhOTYzMDY1OTc" -XPOST ‘’ -d ‘{

Response Structure

KeyData TypeDescription
.codeStringDisplay code of input standard at the crosswalked / target framework.
.titleStringDisplay title of input standard at the crosswalked / target framework.
.descriptionStringDescription of input standard at the crosswalked / target framework.

Sample Response

      "title":"Math grade 1 Shapes",
      "title":"Math grade 1 Counting",