Data OUT - Learner Skyline

Learner skyline data can be obtained to understand the competencies the learner has mastered, completed, and the ones in progress. Learner skyline data is continuously computed as the data about the learner activities is accrued in the system. The Navigator allows for access of the data over API.

In case you do not already have a mechanism to generate the necessary access token in order to successfully connect to our API, contact us at [email protected].

API Detail
Fetches the proficiency / skyline of the Learner for each competency in a given Subject

End Point:


Request Headers:

Authorization"Signature keyId=,algorithm=,headers=(),signature="Signature detail to check authorization to call API

Request Parameters:

Field NameTypeRequired?DefaultDescription
userStringYesUser 32 bit uuid
subjectStringYesProvides a filter for subject for which competency matrix needs to be generated
fwcodeStringYesFramework code for which the crosswalk is expected
scopeStringYesFixed value: “partner” / “navigator”

“partner” denotes user id is from the partner system.

“navigator” denotes user id is from Navigator

Response Object:

status200, if successful
body.messageMessage indicating the status of operation, in case API is not successful and returns HTTP status code other than 200.

The message is indicative and is not localized / internationalized value to use at display; and applications should not rely on this message.

Response Payload:

Field NameTypeDescription
userCompetencyMatrixArrayThis will be an array of JSON objects containing domains and competencies under domain
userCompetencyMatrix.domainCodeStringTaxonomy Domain code
userCompetencyMatrix.competenciesArrayArray of JSON Objects containing details of each taxonomy code
userCompetencyMatrix.competencies.competencyCodeStringCompetency code (GUT)
userCompetencyMatrix.competencies.competencyNameStringName of the competency code
userCompetencyMatrix.competencies.competencyDescStringTaxonomy code description
userCompetencyMatrix.competencies.competencyStudentDescStringTaxonomy code description for student
userCompetencyMatrix.competencies.competencySeqStringSequence of the competency code under the domain
userCompetencyMatrix.competencies.statusIntegerIt denotes the status of competency achieved by the student.
0 - Not started
1 - In Progress
2 - Inferred
3 - Asserted
4 - Completed
5 - Mastered
lastUpdatedLongLast updated time of the skyline
frameworkCrosswalkJsonKey value pair of the crosswalk data. Where key denotes GUT competency code and value denotes framework specific competency